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Here you will see the current challenge for every month in 2023

Challenge December

Throughout the year of 2023, we are looking to support 12 aid programs around the globe. The Mountain Rescue Commission has made it a priority to improve mountain rescue services and their safety.


Help us raise €500 this December by joining the STAIR CLIMBING CHALLENGE:

1. Skip the elevator and climb 5 staircases instead.

2. Send us a photo of the stairway after you have climbed the fifth staircase. (Providing your name and email address is optional, if you want to participate anonymously that’s great too).

Your contribution makes a difference: The more people participate, the closer we get to our fundraising goal. If you’re on social media, please don’t hesitate to spread the word – and tag us @verope on linkedIn or @verope_mining on instagram. Let’s shape tomorrow together. #veropeshapingtomorrow