verope® worldwide

verope® worldwide

With our stock-keeping program at the different verope service centers, we are able to bridge the distance between our modern rope production facility and joint venture partner Kiswire in both South Korea and Malaysia and our customers day to day requirements locally.

LTI Steel Wire Rope Co., Ltd.


Through its rapid development and sheer size, China is on the straight path to become the world’s leading economy and a center for technological development. Boasting the largest infrastructure projects on the planet with favorable manufacturing conditions, the potential of its lifting industry cannot be overestimated. For more than 15 years, LTI has established itself, with a big focus on the verope® brand, as the market leader for the distribution of high performance wire ropes in China. With two major stocking locations and several sales offices all over the country, LTI is uniquely equipped to serve our global and local clients. In close cooperation with our European know-how centers, we have been able to combine technical expertise, service and process knowledge with local capabilities. Having established long standing relationships with China’s most prominent brands in the lifting industry, verope® and LTI are looking forward to be on the forefront of the nation’s continuous development.

verope® USA


With its presence in the United States, verope® intensifies its footprint on the American continent and enlarges its global approach further. From Houston/Texas, a professional team of wire rope experts supports local and international customers and offers stock and processing capabilities in the western hemisphere. While the US is still the strongest economy in the world, it also offers physical proximity to developed markets in North America and rapidly developing nations in central and south America. Therefore verope® USA is at the center of our group’s future investment strategy.

verope® Distribution Singapore Pte. Ltd


The port and its unique geographic location as a logistical hub in Southeast Asia, gives Singapore a unique strategy importance for verope® and its global clientele. In close cooperation with our international customers, verope® has gradually expanded its team as well as the stocking and processing facility. With state of the art equipment and one of the largest stocks dedicated to high performance wire ropes in the country, verope® distribution Singapore has established itself as a leading provider of lifting solutions in Asia’s most prosperous city state. And through continuous investment and development of technical expertise, VDSG will proceed to be the preferred solution provider for leading OEM’s in Singapore.

verope® UK


Our UK office offers professional sales consultancy and support to our distributors and OEM customers in Britain and neighboring countries. The office is located in the heart of England and, with guidance from our head office in Switzerland, essential in facilitating access to the technical expertise as well as the products stocked at the verope® Service Center in Germany and our reliable distributors locally. 

verope® FRANCE


In close cooperation to our know-how centers in Switzerland and Germany, verope® France has been established to strengthen our approach and support to the French market. Successfully serving the largest wire rope distributors and leading crane manufacturers in continental Europe’s second largest economy, verope® France is a vital part of verope®’s strategy to offer expertise and quality products anywhere around the world.

verope® DO BRASIL


Founded in 2015, verope® do Brasil is already taking important steps to consolidate the brand in the special wire rope market of the largest South American economy and has established considerable stocks of high performance wire rope. The stocking and processing facility is located in the city of Resende, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, located in an important logistical point, between two of the country’s major business capitals. Despite the recent establishment of the company, verope® do Brasil has already acquired world renown customers and its products have been specified in a variety of applications.


»Since it began its activities in Brazil, verope® has been fulfilling an important role in the domestic market by offering products with high reliability and high recognition in the global market. The presence in the Brazilian market and the close proximity to local users aids our experts greatly in the endeavor of successfully serving our customers.« Carlo Cesar Rangel – Sales Manager verope® do Brasil

verope® Middle East


Under the global focus of great infrastructure projects, Dubai has further established itself as the Middle East’s hub for multinational companies. In order to offer our global and local clients the technical and logistical support corresponding to the high-quality standards of verope®, we decided to invest in this region as well. In close cooperation with our local distributor ATTA, verope® ME has established itself as a competent partner for the local lifting industry. 

verope® Steel Wire Ropes Private Limited


Upgrading infrastructure, increased foreign investments and a growing GDP are all words that attract attention. Providing the right products and services at the right time and place, plays an important role in contributing to these global economic catchphrases. India is an emerging economy in which all these words carry considerable meaning and that is the reason why verope® has been investing into this important economy over the last three years. verope® India has been able to assist in improving the overall performance of key trading ports in India by supplying high quality products and services that enable the ports to increase output and lower maintenance costs without compromising safety. verope® India’s sales office is located in India’s capital territory of New Delhi and has dedicated staff members who work countless hours to ensure the required service and customer support, that is required in this important market.