Korrekter Umgang


With the following hints we would like to draw your attention to some essential points for correct selection, operation and maintenance of wire ropes. In addition to technical literature on wire ropes, national and international standards, the verope® team will be happy to assist you with all questions concerning wire ropes. 

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No. 1: 

Wire ropes must be properly transported, stored and maintained. Please note the relevant literature on these topics.

No. 2: 

Wire ropes must be checked for wear and damage before each use. This also applies to their end fittings. Never use worn or damaged ropes or end fittings!

No. 3: 

End fittings assembled by verope® may not be changed by the customer. A swivel may only be used in combination with rotation-resistant rope constructions from verope® otherwise there is a danger of serious personal injury and property damage, possibly even death. If you are looking for a rotation-resistant rope construction please have a look at the verope® catalog or contact us for further information.

No. 4: 

Wire ropes and their end fittings are not fatigue resistant endlessly and must therefore be controlled periodically for safe operation. Wire ropes and the end fittings must be discarded before reaching a unsafe condition. 

Note please refer to the respective valid international or national standards (e.g. ISO 4309, EN 12385 and EN 13411) and the technical literature for expert inspection as well as for the correct determination of the discard maturity of wire ropes and their end fittings. During installation of ropes which are provided with an end fitting it must be ensured that these have been carried out in accordance with the operating instructions at the designated place and can be installed in the correct position. For end fittings, which can be dismantled, e.g. wedge end clamps, it is absolutely necessary to remove the rope or end fitting according to manufacturer specifications. For questions, ambiguities or problems, please contact the customer service of the verope® technical department: TCS @ verope.com

No. 5: 

Wire ropes must not be overloaded or subjected to shock loads.

No. 6: 

Under the influence of very high or very low temperatures, the rope behavior can change considerably. Please discuss this with our experts. See standard.

No. 7: 

The rope installation must be carried out or coordinated by at least one competent person. A competent person has sufficient knowledge and experience with rope installations and he knows risks and consequences when disregarding the correct procedure.

No. 8: 

During the winding process external influences like damages or twist must be avoided, to ensure a safe installation. A rope on a reel or on a ring is not free of tension and can cause personal injury in case of uncontrolled loosening. The rope must therefore be removed with the greatest care. The rope end on the reel or on the ring should be fixed during loosening and in the preferred bending direction guided. As soon as the end of the rope is reached, the speed of the rewinding operation shall be adjusted so that the end of the rope is not swinging around uncontrolled.

No. 9: 

It can be dangerous when being in the presence of running ropes and their application. Therefore, a suitable distance should be maintained. If the safe distance is not kept, it may result in heavy injuries.

No. 10: 

In the case of ropes installed by means of rope end fittings the maximum payload of these must be taken into account.

No. 11: 

Ropes, that are are not re-lubricated suficiently or in time, tend to corrode internally and externally. The functional capability of the applications greatly reduce. On the other hand, too much or the wrong lubricant will cause the dirt to adhere, which causes the rope drive to wear out faster and obstructs the evaluation of possible discard criteria.

No. 12: 

Hitting rope falls in the free rope length is always a sign of unbalanced torque in the rope. The friction, generated between the rope, leads to damages on the rope. One method of untwisting the rope length is described on page 26. Occurred damages must be rated with the help of this brochure or according to official standards.

No. 13: 

The intervals between periodic inspections are dependending on the condition, the intensity and the external influences of the application.

If you have any questions, ambiguities or problems, please contact verope® Technical Customer Service: TCS@verope.com


Protect yourself and others!
Rope failure can cause serious material damage, injury or death!