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Kiswire verope® R&D

Kiswire verope® R&D

The research and development institution KV R&D Center is a cooperation between kiswire and verope®, with focus on the development of new product and service solutions for customers and partners all around the globe.

The all new KV R&D Center GmbH

Kiswire and verope® make another step towards intensifying their cooperation with yet another joint venture organization in order to further increase the focus on research and development.

The verope® know-how in application technology and rope design and the expertise of Kiswire, the largest high carbon steel wire producer in the world in production technology, metallurgy and material engineering, were merged in Contwig, Germany.

Our goal is the development of highly innovative products for lifting applications as well as continuous improvements of our existing products and their components with the aid of state of the art production and testing equipment.

Close cooperation with the leading OEM’s, wire rope component producers and universities are key in our application oriented research and development approach.


Destructive testing equipment

➜ Tensile Test Machines

Quasistatic tensile test up to 50kN / 300kN / 2500kN
Tension tension fatigue test up to 210kN
Creep test


  Bending Fatigue Test Machines

Multizone bending fatigue test machine up to 50kN / 198kN


  Torque test machine
Twist/Torque test Machine up to 300kN


➜ Wire testing equipment

Wire reverse bending test
Wire torsion test


Non-Destructive testing equipment


Microstructure observation
Qualitative analysis by EDX



Fractographic analysis
Microstructure observation
Qualitative analysis by EDX


➜ Torsion tester

Determination torsion values of wires


➜ Profile Projector

Analysis of die geometry
Analysis of wire breaks


➜ Micro Vickers Hardness Test

Determination of material hardness


➜ Rockwell Hardness Tester

Determination of material hardness