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verope AG
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To provice best possible service and access to verope special wire ropes, verope is situated all around the globe.

verope AG is a Joint Venture company between Pierre Verreet, head and founder of verope, and Kiswire Ltd. from South Korea. By using the extraordinary expertise of verope in the special wire rope market and the long experience of Kiswire Ltd. in efficient production, verope is a partner you can rely on. Our concept is to provide affordable high quality special wire ropes for the mining-, constructionand heavy industry, as well as offshore and port applications to the world market. At the heart of the verope service strategy lies reliability and consistent innovation with a true global reach. This is achieved by focusing on the most valuable asset of any company – its employees and partners all over the globe. Together they make up our heroes of reliability. This ever-expanding verope team remains your reliable partner to advise and assist you on the best and most competitive rope construction for your application.

Pierre Verreet, CEO

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High Perfomance

The material, design, and structural stability of verope special wire ropes are all excellent, which results in excellent service life, durability, safety, and efficiency. Special wire ropes typically cost more than standard wire ropes, but this is offset by their superior quality. verope and KISWIRE maintain cutting-edge competitiveness in all fields of business, pricing policy included.

Powerful Partner

verope and KISWIRE have teamed up to create high-quality wire ropes that are perfect for the 21st century market. We have developed innovative products that are constantly being improved, competitivly priced and provide excellent customer service. This powerful partnership results in reliable, up-to-date products that benefit our global customers.

Excellent Quality

verope is making sure that customers are getting high-quality wire ropes that are both safe and flexible, and that can handle a lot of force. These ropes have high breaking loads, which makes them more efficient and allows for longer service life.

verope locations worldwide

To provice best possible service and access to verope special wire ropes, verope is situated all around the globe.
  • verope AG/Headquarters, Zug, Switzerland,
  • verope Service Center GmbH, Contwig, Germany
  • verope France, Paris, France
  • verope UK, Birmingham, UK
  • verope Distribution Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • verope USA, Houston, USA
  • LTI Steel Wire Rope Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
  • verope do Brasil, Resende, RJ, Brazil
  • verope Steel Wire Ropes Private Limited, India
  • verope Middle East, Dubai, UAE


A Kiswire and verope cooperation in order to further increase the focus on research and development.

SPECIAL SERVICES with verope Service Center GmbH

Our Service and Logistics Center in Contwig/Germany enable us to stock, process and supply rope systems in high quality and with short lead times.

All about KV R&D and VSC

You can find more information about the services we provice on the VSC section on this site or on the KV R&D website