verope special wire ropes
for offshore industry applications

We offer outstanding ropes, end fittings and service that meet the complex and high performance requirements of the offshore industry.

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Our ropes

For offshore industry applications

Offshore Crane

Hoist Rope //
Auxiliary Hoist Rope

  • verotop
  • verotop P

Luffing Rope //

  • veropro 8
  • veropro 8 RS
  • veropower 8
  • veropro 10

Knuckle Boom Crane

Hoist Rope //
Auxiliary Hoist Rope

  • verotop

offshore industry brochure

Many applications call for high-performance ropes with higher rope lifetime, breaking strengths, rotational stability, flexibility, structural stability, and spooling behavior. Engineers and end users rely on verope special wire ropes because they offer versatile and reliable solutions and verope offers rope end fittings and custom solutions tailored to the offshore industry.