Our tools simplify rope procurement, utilization, and inspection like never before.

RopeCheck tool

Our specialized tool for wire rope inspection

The integrity of wire ropes plays a critical role in ensuring both safety and efficiency. In a landscape where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, using ropecheck fosters a culture of proactive maintenance and minimizing operational downtime.

With this tool you can easily check

  • Rope diameter
  • Sheave opening angle
  • Sheave groove diameter
  • Depth of sheave
  • Depth of drums
  • Wire breaks

ropecheck app

Get the ropecheck App for increased safety and efficiency of rope inspection

Introducing the ropecheck App, verope’s cutting edge solution for digitizing rope examinations, making inspections smoother and easier. 'The ropecheck App supports you in inspecting ropes and generating digital inspection reports.

You can utilize the App together with the ropecheck Tool or opt for the standalone version.

With the ropecheck App, you can

  • Inspect ropes using camera-based image detection
  • Request service inquiries
  • Access technical information