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Handling and Storage of ropes // Handling of reels // Rope Storage

Handling and Storage of ropes

Handling of reels

The reels should be transported by using suitable lifting gear, like lifting ropes, slings, chains or crossbeams respectively fork lifts. For the transport of light rope rings, textiles lifting belts or slings are suitable. Please avoid touching the rope during the reel handling. This can already lead to mechanical damages of the rope

Rope Storage

Wire ropes are to be protected against dirt and humidity during storage. Ideally they are stored in suitable halls. During storage the reels are to be secured against rolling away. During storage outside, they are to be protected against humidity and other environmental factors in the best possible way. Please note that the cover of the reels should ensure that the rope under it is always ventilated enough in order to avoid corrosion due to condensation. Please put the rope also not directly on the ground, but better on a palette or squared timbers. Ungalvanized ropes should not be stored outside for a longer time. With unfavorable storage terms, like for example too high temperatures, it can be necessary that the ropes have to be re-lubricated before use.

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