Technology OverviewChoose the right rope for your application

Choose the right rope for your application

Application view

Two views have to be matched to select the right rope:
the application and the rope point of view! The “universal rope” that is suitable for all applications does not exist. Therefore there are a variety of different rope constructions that best meet the requirements for a given duty. With the following remarks we want to give some practical information to help choosing the right crane rope depending on the application. Needless to say that whenever you are in doubt the verope. team is happy to assist.

figure 75: Unguided loads (source VDI 2358)

Application view

The main purpose of a crane is without any doubt to hoist something from place/level A to B, for which you need a Hoist rope.

Besides the crucial “Hoist application” a wide variety of other functions, depending on the crane type itself, is needed to operate a crane, e.g

  • Luffing ropes to position the boom
  • Trolley ropes to move the load on tower cranes or container cranes
  • Pendant ropes to hold the boom or other crane structures
  • Installation ropes to mount or dismantle the crane
  • …and others

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