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Lesson 04: The ideal storage of rope spools in dry conditions.

04 Correct storage of rope reels

Learn how to properly store verope rope spools. Wire ropes must be protected from dirt and moisture during storage. Ideally, this is done in suitable sheds. When stored, round reels must be secured against rolling away. When stored outdoors, the ropes must be protected as best as possible from moisture and other environmental influences. Please ensure that the rope reel cover is selected in such a way that the rope underneath is always sufficiently ventilated to prevent corrosion due to condensation. Please also do not place the rope reels directly on the floor, but better on a pallet or squared timber. Bare wire ropes should not be stored outdoors for long periods. In unfavorable storage conditions, e.g. high temperatures, it may be necessary to relubricate the ropes before use.

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